Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The India-WRIS project

The India-WRIS project is a joint venture of Indian Space Research Organisation and Central Water Commission.It aims to develop an online, user friendly application that shall bring all information related to the water resources of the nation at single window wherefrom all the interested users can obtain it and make use of it. The vision of the project is to make available all water resources related data in standardized GIS form to the user community by achieving the objectives of creating and collecting all such data available through various sources. It's scope includes the generation and collection of data pertaining to 30 geospatial layers whose comprehensive information will be provide to the end user. This information will be dessiminated to the end user through a web based geo-spatial application which forms an integral part of the deliverables. The proposed web application will be released in a 2D-application form and also with the 3D View.

For accessing portal click here

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